Extension of the duration of EFSI (EFSI 2.0)

EESC opinion: Extension of the duration of EFSI (EFSI 2.0)

Key points:

The EESC strongly endorses the Commission's initiative to extend the duration and increase the financing of the EFSI, welcomes the positive results of the first year and considers the SME investment window a success.

The Committee

  • recommend that EFSI 2.0 should aim for ever greater involvement of private capital;
  • stresses the importance of keeping a market-driven emphasis, reinforcing the additionality of the EFSI;
  • calls for a more balanced geographically coverage across the EU;
  • recommends the reinforcement of the social dimension of EFSI deployment;
  • is in favour of using the EFSI to nurture the development of a shared industrial and dual technology base in the European defence sector;
  • recommends bolstering the European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH);
  • suggests raising the visibility of EFSI funding.