Explosive precursors

EESC opinion: Explosive precursors

Key points:

The EESC supports actions to combat terrorism and agrees with the overall rationale for the proposal.

The EESC also agrees:

- with the list of 8 substances (and mixtures thereof) included in Annex I as requiring controls under this heading;
- that it is reasonable to put in place centralised systems in the Member States to receive, share and respond to, reports of suspicious transactions of any of these 8 substances plus the further 7 listed in Annex II, together with any other transactions falling under this heading.

The EESC however:

- regrets that there are a number of shortfalls in the proposal;
- is surprised that, although costs for the retail sector and for governments have been broadly quantified, this has not happened for the assumed benefits.

Despite these concerns, the EESC strongly supports the proposal.