EU strategy on adaptation to climate change

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EU strategy on adaptation to climate change

The EESC supports the strategy on adaptation to climate change proposed by the Commission, while at the same underlining that mitigation policies are a key priority given the negative impact that climate change has already had in Europe.

The implementation of the new adaptation plan must take account of the fact that higher temperatures in Europe and the possibility of an increased rate of extreme phenomena may cause damage to people, the economy and the environment that is greater than initially thought.

Since action by the Member States is crucial, it should be pointed out that insufficient progress has been made in certain areas since the publication of the White Paper in 2009.

The Commission must therefore consider the need to play a more active role, making use of its powers under the TFEU. The Commission proposal should offer a broader financial overview, including the key contributions to be made by the Member States, the business sector and families.

The Committee calls on those Member States which have yet to do so to act swiftly to draw up and rigorously apply national adaptation