EU Climate Diplomacy

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EESC section opinion: EU Climate Diplomacy

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  2. Administrator / Assistant in charge: Ewa TOMASZEWSKA / Christina PINEIRO BUA 


Climate diplomacy frames climate change as an external action policy topic and highlights the need to integrate climate objectives and address climate related risks at the highest diplomatic level and across all policy areas. Through this opinion we build on our previous work in this area and also explore practical aspects of the EU climate diplomacy.

The main objective of the opinion is to deliver suggestions on how to make the EU Climate Diplomacy more effective. First and foremost, we assume that the effective implementation of the European Green Deal internally gives credibility to influence and inspire others to draft similar regional action plans and promote a just transition to climate neutrality by 2050. Furthermore, we should explore the geopolitical repercussions of the European Green Deal for business actors and intensify the dialogue regarding business opportunities and risks related to climate change. We should also identify ways climate change can promote economic cooperation with EU partners by means of increasing trade.

It is clear that all countries do not have the financial and technological capacities to follow the same path; thus, the EU should spearhead and develop infrastructure, finance, and governance pathways by mobilizing public and private financial sources to assist partner and neighbouring countries to manage the impacts of the European Green Deal, to foster their economic diversification, shape just transition plans to a low-carbon economy and support adaptation and risk management projects so as to prevent and reduce climate fragility risks.

This opinion encourages the EU to adopt a comprehensive strategy of climate diplomacy by setting short and long-term priorities aimed at tackling climate change and its consequences and adapting to it, in cooperation with EU Member States. This strategy should integrate climate action into all fields of external action, including trade, investments, migration, and development cooperation.

A better coordination with Member States should be established by encouraging them to align their foreign affairs with climate imperatives and the European Green Deal’s goals. The opinion calls for enhancement of the climate diplomacy in the bilateral, inter-regional and multilateral level, and for a better coordination between different EU institutions in their respective policy areas.

Last, but not least, with this opinion we aim to encourage and support initiatives for new participatory and more inclusive schemes that allow the co-design of climate related solutions which will enable the implementation of the European Green Deal.