Emergency preparedness

EESC opinion: Emergency preparedness

EESC own-initiative opinion on Emergency preparedness

Key points


  • calls on the European Commission and Member States to urgently develop a plan to substantially increase the EU's single market autonomy/sovereignty regarding energy generation facilities, food and water production and the mining of the necessary raw materials, including sovereignty/autonomy for the relevant technologies needed;
  • recommends that the EU define short-term measures for building energy production facilities within the EU single market;
  • recommends that consumers be encouraged and supported to invest in their own energy production and efficiency;
  • believes that the EU should build new transport infrastructure for the transmission of energy and energy resources;
  • calls on the European Commission to develop plans and undertake EU-wide coordinated measures;
  • considers it essential to step up vocational training and skills for electricians and farmers and to create jobs in water stewardship;
  • recommends setting initiatives and incentives to increase the number of additional engineers, technicians and high-tech jobs in Europe and
  • believes it is important to keep the purchasing power of EU citizens and consumers high by focusing on the EU's technology sovereignty/autonomy and thus reducing its dependence on imports (technology and energy imports) and increasing the number of high‑tech jobs in Europe

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