Digital Decade Principles

EESC opinion: Digital Decade Principles

Key points


  • Believes that the Path to the Digital Decade and the Declaration of Digital Rights and Principles are both highly relevant to facilitating the digital transformation for the society and the economy.
  • Is of the view that digital rights stem from and are defined by existing fundamental rights, as part of the EU values and principles.
  • Believes that the declaration should work for sustainable development as a whole and that addressing digital skills, digital infrastructure, digital business and digital public services is critical to support economic recovery and growth in Europe. The war between Russia and Ukraine has reinforced the need to develop people's skills and the means to recognise and combat disinformation.
  • Notes that the different principles and rights described in the draft declaration overlap in many respects and the mix of principles and rights makes it difficult to perceive the essence of the content.
  • Believes that the declaration should recognise the challenges faced by businesses, especially SMEs, in adapting to the digital world.
  • Points out the challenge of avoiding a digital divide in terms of access to public and private services by aging and rural populations.
  • Stresses the importance of the principles of connectivity, skills and security, which are essential for people and businesses alike, as well as for overall economic and societal development.

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