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European Commission

Proposal for a Directive on markets in financial instruments (European Commission, 2018)

Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on European Crowdfunding Service Providers for Business (European Commission, 2018)

Frequently asked questions on a regulation on Crowdfunding (European Commission, 2018)

Press release - Capital Markets Union: breaking down barriers to cross-border investments and accelerating delivery (European Commission, 2018)

Completing the Capital Markets Union by 2019 - time to accelerate delivery (Commission Communication, 2018)

Impact Assessment - Directive on Markets in financial instruments (Staff Working Document, European Commission, 2018)

Crowdfunding in the EU Capital Markets Union (Commission Staff Working Document, 2016) (Uniquement EN)

European Parliament

Crowdfunding in Europe – Introduction and state of play (European Parliamentary Research Service Briefing, 2017) - (Uniquement EN)

Opinion on access to finance for SMEs and increasing the diversity of SME funding in a Capital Markets Union (European Parliament, 2016) – (Uniquement EN)

European Supervisory Authorities

Opinion: Investment-based crowdfunding (ESMA, 2014) – (Uniquement EN)

Opinion of the European Banking Authority on lending-based crowdfunding (EBA, 2015) – (Uniquement EN)

Other Sources

Sustaining momentum: The 2nd European Alternative Finance Industry Report (Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, 2016) – (Uniquement EN)

Crowdfunding from an investor perspective (Oxera, 2015) – (Uniquement EN)

Review of Crowdfunding Regulation 2017 (European Crowdfunding Network, 2017) – (Uniquement EN)

Current State of Crowdfunding in Europe (CrowdfundingHub, 2016) – (Uniquement EN)