The contribution of migrant entrepreneurs to economy

Key points

  • The contribution of migrant entrepreneurial activities in Europe has been increasing over the last decade. They contribute to economic growth and employment, often by rejuvenating neglected crafts and trades. They also form an important bridge to global markets and are important for the integration of migrants into employment.
  • A vibrant, sustainable and growth-orientated migrant entrepreneur sector should be part of the Growth and Jobs Strategy, the Small Business Act, Europe 2020 Strategy and the new COSME as these have already placed the importance of high growth, value-added SMEs at the heart of an EU Economy orientated towards sustainable growth.
  • With increasing unemployment making the creation of quality jobs a critical priority for the EU, it is now even more important that EU policy makers recognise the important asset that migrant-owned businesses represent for the EU economy, both locally but also increasingly in international markets where there remains a demand for goods and services originating from the EU.
  • The Committee recommends that if the “creativity and innovation capacity” of migrant entrepreneurs are to be reinforced, specific measures must be taken at EU, Member State and local level. This is to eradicate discrimination and create equal conditions for all so that they can contribute to inclusive growth and quality jobs. The opinion puts forward a series of recommendations for policy-makers at these three levels.