Competitiveness and Industry

EESC opinion: Competitiveness and Industry

Key points


  • recommends establishing coordinated and pro-active governance of industrial policies across Member States. The quality of public administration and a growth-enhancing regulatory framework (cutting red tape, simplified procedures, fighting corruption, setting standards for new products/markets) are crucial for industrial competitiveness;
  • stresses the need to further deepen of the single market. The single market must remain the greatest asset for European industry. This also means avoiding the risk of being broken up by diverging State aid initiatives;
  • recommends addressing the skills and ageing challenge. The EU needs a competent industrial 4.0 workforce, which means dealing with labour market shortages and developing overall and digital skills at all levels of the workforce;
  • underlines that developing modern, interoperable and strategic European infrastructure is key for building a smart, competitive, green and resilient industry.


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