Challenges of Teleworking: organization of working time, work life balance and the right to disconnect - Related links

European Commission

  1. Joint Research Centre: Analysis entitled "Telework in the EU before and after the COVID-19: where we were, where we head to" (2020)
  2. Joint Research Centre: Report entitled: "The COVID confinement measures and EU labour markets (2020)
  3. European Commission–Eurofound joint report entitled: "Teleworkability and the COVID-19 crisis: a new digital divide?" (2020)
  4. Joint Research Centre: Report entitled "The changing nature of work and skills in the digital age" (no direct reference to "the right to disconnect")  (2019)

European Parliament

  1. Report with recommendations to the Commission on the right to disconnect (procedure 2019/2181(INL)) - currently at the stage of draft report: Information on the procedure
  2. European Added Value Assessment study of the European Added Value Unit of the European Parliament Research Service (EPRS) entitled: "The right to disconnect"(2020)(linked to 2019/2181(INL))
  3. Parliamentary question regarding a European legislative framework for teleworking (2020):
    Answer on behalf of the European Commission (2020) More information about text formats

Other institutions and agencies

  1. Eurofound report entitled "Telework in the European Union" (2020)
  2. Joint report by the ILO and Eurofound entitled "Working anytime, anywhere: The effects on the world of work" (2019)
  3. ILO publication entitled "Defining and measuring remote work, telework, work at home and home-based work" (2020)
  4. ILO publication entitled "Teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond A Practical Guide"(2020)
  5. UN article entitled "Teleworking: COVID-19 could revolutionise the world of work" (2020)
  6. UNI Global Union’s report entitled "The Right to Disconnect: Best Practices" (2019)


  1. European social partners framework agreement on digitalisation (2020)
  2. European social partners: The European Framework on Telework (2002)
  3. ETUC: Lockdown shows urgent need for workers to have a right to disconnect
  4. euranet: Teleworkers seek right to discommect
  5. SME united: Exit & Recovery Strategy – COVID-19 crisis
  6. SME united: Response to the Roadmap on the Long term vision for rural areas
  7. EAPN: The Future of Work p.30