Blockchain and the EU Single Market: what next? (own-initiative opinion)

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Information memo: Blockchain and the EU Single Market: what next? (own-initiative opinion)


In Europe and across the world, blockchain is changing the way citizens and organisations collaborate, share information, execute transactions and deliver services. Blockchain is based on trust and makes it possible to share information in a verifiable, secure and permanent way.

Could the EU Single Market benefit from such a technology and how ? What steps could be taken to ensure that EU, its Single Market and its citizens benefit fully from this technology?

This own-initiative opinion should answer these questions always bearing in mind that EU and the Single Market are built on European values enshrined in the treaties. The own-initiative opinion could also reflect on whether and how using blockchain as an overarching infrastructure, in other European policies, could reinforce the European values of the Single Market and make it even more cohesive and democratic.

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