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Since 2002, the EU has been running an EU youth policy cooperation scheme based on the principle of active participation and equal opportunities. In 2018, the EU Youth Strategy was adopted. Its implementation is facilitated by a dialogue mechanism between young people and decision-makers at national and EU level. The upcoming Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU intends to give fresh impetus to the EU Youth Agenda and has therefore asked the EESC to identify the main difficulties and challenges that young Europeans are facing, as well as what is stopping them from leading their lives fully.

Key points:

In the opinion, the EESC:

•          considers that the EU Youth Agenda should tackle the challenges faced by young Europeans. It should also determine how the EU can help young people overcome them. The EESC stresses the need for accurate data to measure the impact of policies on youth and establish good practices that address young people;

•          believes that the EU Youth Dialogue should be improved by involving young people's representative bodies in decision-making and by considering young people's new ways of engagement. It is important to address social, economic and cultural obstacles that prevent young people, especially the most vulnerable, from fully participating in society;

•          emphasises the importance of supporting young people when it comes to housing costs, and of promoting public housing policies. This will ensure that they have access to good housing, encouraging independent living, and providing support as they plan their future family life.

The text of the draft opinion can be found here.

Additional information

Section: Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship (SOC)

Opinion number: SOC/759

Opinion type: Exploratory opinion at the request of the Spanish presidency

Rapporteur: Nicoletta Merlo

Reference: Letter from the Spanish presidency of the EU Council, 8/12/2022

Date of adoption by section: 31/05/2023

Result of the vote: 50 in favour / 1 against / 8 abstentions

Date of adoption in plenary: 14/06/2023

Result of the vote:



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