Improved the public service to face a challenging situation

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Christian MOOS
German Civil Servants' Association (DBB)

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed many issues that existed in the public service even before the pandemic hit and has exacerbated the challenges that the state has to face in order to provide aid so as to overcome this dramatic situation.

The German Civil Servants' Association (DBB) observed that issues like the lack of digitalisation in the public service were a recurrent problem in Germany, which was unveiled due to this crisis. Therefore, they set their goal in improving the digitalization, which was needed not only to increase efficiency in order to improve working conditions, but also to avoid cutting staff. Along with its initiative to address this situation, the DBB also requested a hardship allowance for combating the pandemic, asked for youth to be involved at all levels, warned of social division regarding vaccination and called for better health protection for day-care staff.

With over 1.3 million members, the DBB is the largest German interest group for civil servants and employees in the public or private sector. It sees itself as a constructive reform partner for politics, administration and society and as an active advocate for its members.