El Sistema Greece

El Sistema Greece is a Greek community music project that has been organising free music classes for children and young people since 2016 and musical activities for adults since 2018. All students, no matter their origin, language or religion, are not only inspired to strive for a better future but, thanks to music, they are given a platform for dialogue and togetherness. The ultimate goal of El Sistema Greece is to promote social inclusion and to build a new musical and human community with people from different horizons, whether they are refugees, migrants or Greek. During the pandemic, El Sistema Greece has changed its way of working by including the use of online tools and providing children in refugee camps with internet connections. After the pandemic, the organisation will continue using both online and physical learning methods.

Interview with: Fenia Biniari, El Sistema Greece

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Music 'Hopes and dreams – by Evert Z' under license for usage for this project.

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