EESC president Christa Schweng congratulates Roberta Metsola, newly elected president of the European Parliament, and commits to closer cooperation for a stronger EU

EP Plenary session - Election of the President of the Parliament

We are witnessing historic times as the third female president of the European Parliament has today been elected to this position, succeeding the late David Sassoli, whose memory and extraordinary engagement we once again salute.

I send sincere congratulations to Roberta Metsola for being elected to the top office and wish her every success as she takes up her responsibilities at a challenging juncture for the EU, European Economic and Social Committee president Christa Schweng said.

I commend her engagement for fundamental rights and gender equality and for bringing greater focus to the freedom of expression. I also commend and share her determination to regain people's enthusiasm in the European project and to continue defending our common fundamental values.

After the election of Ursula von der Leyen as president of the European Commission in 2019, of Christa Schweng as head of European Economic and Social Committee in 2020, and now of Roberta Metsola at the head of the European Parliament, the European Union is setting an example for a more gender-equal society.

With great faith in our fruitful cooperation in the future, I reiterate my own and our Committee's support for Roberta Metsola's term in the Parliament, EESC president Schweng said. It is our collective strength that will make the EU more democratic and better prepared for the future, she added.

The EESC is committed to working more closely with the European Parliament to protect European values and the rule of law, for a Europe that is economically prosperous, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable, leaving no one behind.