Statements by the members of the Euromed Follow-Up Committee on the terrorist attacks by Hamas


Statement by the members of the EESC Euromed Follow-up Committee participating in the EESC-Spanish ESC conference on "Climate change and migration in the Mediterranean" in Alicante on 11 October 2023.

  • We strongly condemn the horrific terrorist attacks conducted by Hamas in Israel and their tragic consequences. We stand in solidarity with the victims and we are deeply sad especially for the children and women who are casualties of this extremely dangerous escalation in the Middle East.
  • We are deeply concerned for the civilian population in Israel and in Palestine and call for restraint and de-escalation. The parties in this conflict must return to peaceful and constructive dialogue under the auspices of the United Nations, based on human rights and on the existing mandatory international agreements.
  • In these challenging times, diplomatic dialogue and cooperation are essential tools for restoring peace and stability in the region. As representatives of civil society, it is crucial that we seek opportunities for collaboration and for supporting the local population.
  • We need to reinforce open channels of communication and foster exchanges wherever possible, in particular with civil society in Israel and Palestine.

Thomas Wagnsonner, Euromed Follow-Up Committee President

Maria Helena de Felipe Lehtonen, Vice-President of the Section for External Relations

Milena Angelova, Euromed Follow-Up Committee Vice-President

Vasco de Mello, Euromed Follow-up Committee Member

Luca Jahier, Euromed Follow-up Committee Member

Carlos Manuel Simôes Da Silva, Euromed Follow-up Committee Member

Lidija Pavić-Rogošić, Euromed Follow-up Committee Member

Ozlem Yildirim, Euromed Follow-up Committee Member

Panagiotis Gkofas, Quaestor Group III

Josep Puxeu Rocamora, Vice-President of the Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment

José Antonio Moreno Diaz, EESC Bureau Member

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