Key messages of Employers' Group members on Conference on the Future of Europe:

Please find below a list of messages that were uploaded by members of the EESC Employers' Group to Conference on the Future of Europe platform.

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The list will be updated regularly.

General messages

  1. The EU objectives should remain unchanged
  2. Take subsidiarity and proportionality seriously
  3. The EU needs to become capable of action in order to remain relevant
  4. Not everything can be a matter for the heads of state and governments
  5. Unanimity must not be a dogma in common foreign and security policy - EU in the world
  6. Strengthening the Single Market

Climate change and the environment

  1. Ambitious climate targets should be reached without undermining European competitiveness
  2. Invest in new technologies and mobilise emission-reducing pilot projects
  3. EU emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) plays a crucial role for business
  4. New climate legislation should support investments and innovation
  5. EU to play an active role in international climate policy
  6. The practical implementation energy policy must be planned in cooperation with businesses
  7. EU funding for alternative fuels and transition technologies


  1. Create a European Health Union involving businesses
  2. Investing in expertise for vaccine development and crucial manufacturing knowhow
  3. Strengthening the EU's crisis preparedness and response infrastructure for future health crisis

A Stronger Economy, Social Justice and Jobs

  1. Competitiveness and higher productivity as a sound recipe for enhancing EU well-being
  2. Supporting the innovative power of MSMEs
  3. Responsibility and liability
  4. Creating the right business environment – Think Small First
  5. Securing skills fit for the future

EU in the world

  1. The EU's global role starts at home
  2. Strengthening ties with surrounding regions
  3. Engaging with like-minded partners towards multilateral solutions
  4. Actively shaping trade policy
  5. The benefits of trade should be easily recognizable to the citizens
  6. Trade agreements should be tailored to SMEs
  7. Creating a new context for trade policy

Values and rights, rule of law, security

  1. European rights and values
  2. Strengthening the rule of law by including the economic dimension

Digital transformation

  1. The Digital transformation should ensure Europe's competitive advantage
  2. Strengthening the European Cyber Security Economy
  3. European Digital Innovation Hubs
  4. Promoting Digital Transformation

Education, culture, youth and sport in Europe

  1. Key skills gaps should be addressed through redesigned curricula fit for the future
  2. Public-private partnership in the governance of education and training systems
  3. Promoting the cultural and creative sectors as key contributors to shaping Europe’s post-pandemic recovery
  4. Improving European entrepreneurial culture

Work organisation