European Parliament and European Economic and Social Committee together for the European Gender Equality Week

Following the European Gender Equality Week organised by the European Parliament (24-30 October), chaired by the Vice-President Evelyn Regner, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) supporting this initiative, is planning a series of thematic debates organised by the various sections.

These events are scheduled for October, November and December 2022 in the EESC and touch upon gender equality in the social economy and EU, women in energy poverty, women's potential in entrepreneurship and access to finance, the situation of women in geographical areas like Latin America and Iran.

Nowadays, equal pay for equal work, equal access to education, equal family responsibilities, balanced gender representation on the boards of companies and political life may sound logical but they are not put into practice.

If the situation is to be genuinely improved, especially where discrimination, poverty, violence against women, unequal pay in leadership positions still exist, the involvement of civil society is crucial.

As Maria Nikolopoulou, President of the EESC's Equality Group stresses, Gender equality is not a 'women's issue'. It is a prerequisite for building just, resilient and prosperous societies. That is why it is so important that women and men walk this path together, hand in hand, with mutual respect and support.

We invite you to discover more on women's world and reality!

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European Parliament and EESC together on the European Gender Equality Week and beyond
EESC events on European Gender Equality Week and beyond