EESC Employers' Group congratulates its member Christa Schweng on becoming EESC President

Christa Schweng, member of the EESC Employers' Group, was elected EESC President at the EESC's Inaugural Plenary session, held from 27 to 29 October. Ms Schweng had won the Employers' Group candidacy for the post of EESC President in a formal election at the Group meeting on 14 September. The EESC Employers' Group congratulates Ms Schweng on her appointment to this position of leadership and is looking forward to an excellent working relationship with her.

The motto of Ms Schweng's presidency is "United for the future of Europe". The goal is to contribute to "a Europe that is prospering economically; a Europe that is socially inclusive; and a Europe that is environmentally sustainable." Furthermore, making the EESC a key player in the Conference on the Future of Europe will be a priority.

"Europe needs to support companies and help them to recover. We need to counteract the economic consequences of the crisis, for example, by supporting regions in need and giving companies the right environment for a green and digital transition", stated Ms Schweng in her inauguration speech. Based on these matching priorities and goals, the Employers' Group is convinced that cooperation with Ms Schweng will be fruitful.

EESC Employers' Group President, Stefano Mallia, congratulated Ms Schweng and guaranteed the full support of the Employers' Group. "There is no doubt that you, Madam President, have been elected as President of this institution at a very unique and particular moment, but the EESC Employers' Group is fully committed to tackling the incredible challenges we have ahead of us."

Ms Schweng has been a member of the EESC Employers' Group for 22 years. She was President of the Section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship (SOC) at the EESC between 2018 and 2020 and President of the Labour Market Observatory between 2013 and 2015. Since 1994, Ms Schweng has been a senior advisor to the Social Policy Department of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. She holds a Master's degree in Law from the University of Vienna.

Ms Schweng works on social and work-related topics on a European level in various roles. Since 1995, she has been a member of the Governing Body of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in Bilbao and the employers’ spokesperson within the agency since 2001. Furthermore, she is a member of SMEunited's Social Affairs committee.