S2 Episode 6: Keeping humans in command. Why the EU must ensure that the use of Artificial Intelligence respects its fundamental values



Transcription of the verbatim

Grassroots S2 Ep 6 Transcript

AI has been advancing in leaps and bounds over the last few years and AI applications have crept into our lives almost without us noticing it. The EESC was the first – back in 2017 – to make the case for Europe-wide regulation based on an ethics-focused, "human-in-command" approach. Now, as the EU sets about adopting the first-ever AI legislation in the world, EESC AI expert Catelijne Muller, NRC journalist Reiner Kist, and KU Leuven researcher Valerio De Stefano discuss the merits of this legislation, as well as the dangers associated with some of the uses that would be allowed under the Act.