9:30 | Introduction and high-level policy panel

Introduction and moderation: Peter Schmidt, NAT Section President, EESC

Opening keynote | Setting the scene: Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Co-President, Club of Rome

High level policy panel:


11:15 | Fireside chat


11:45 | Panel 1 –  Sustainable economy in action at national and local level for the wellbeing of society

Keynote speech: Guillaume Lafortune, Vice President and Head of Paris Office, UN SDSN



Moderator: Aurel Laurenţiu Plosceanu, SOC Section President

13:00 - 14.30 | Lunch break

14:30 | Panel 2 – Scaling up sustainable economy for the wellbeing of society – challenges and opportunities

Keynote speech: Aimee Aguilar Jaber, Programme Leader of the Climate Change Mitigation Unit in the Environment, Transitions and Resilience Division, OECD



​​​​Moderator: Alain Coheur, INT Section President

15:30 | Panel 3 – How to get there? A roadmap towards a sustainable and resilient economy for the wellbeing of society

Keynote speech: Jonathan Barth, Managing director at ZOE-Institute for Future-fit Economies, Action towards the EU’s 2030 compass (an Introduction to a beyond GDP dashboard, inspired by the Doughnut Economics Framework



Moderator: Stefano Palmieri, ECO Section President

16:45 | Presentation of civil society's roadmap and concluding remarks

Interpretation available in EN, FR and DE.