New EU strategy on adaptation to climate change

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New EU strategy on adaptation to climate change

► This event will be webstreamed with interpretation into EN, FR and DE. Viewers will have the opportunity to engage in the debate using the platform Slido, with the code #ClimateAdaptation

Scope and objectives

The online public hearing will bring together representatives of the European institutions, the academic world and civil society organisations to engage in a conversation around the EESC opinion on the new strategy.

In particular, the hearing will discuss:

  • How can adaptation generate a win-win impact consisting of avoided losses due to climate change, generation of economic benefit, increase in social justice, and improvement in environmental safety
  • How can the EU Adaptation Strategy be conceived with a systemic approach, aspiring to simultaneously address multiple objectives and promote policy instruments and technological solutions
  • How nature-based solutions and the transition to circular economy, which are emerging as essential climate adaptation strategies, be enabled

The European Commission adopted its new EU strategy on adaptation to climate change on 24 February 2021. The new strategy sets out how the European Union can adapt to the impacts of climate change and become climate resilient by 2050.

The adoption of the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change with its four objectives:

  • to make Europe adaptation smarter,
  • swifter and
  • more systemic,
  • and to step up international action on adaptation to climate change

is welcomed by the European Economic and Social Committee as a crucial step in the important policy setting direction.

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