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The Summer photography festival is dedicated to “Urban vibes”:  BOZAR focuses on the relationship between people and ‘space’ during the International Photography Biennial in Brussels. Along with prestigious museums for photography and Belgian and European institutions, BOZAR is putting together a programme that consists of exhibitions, readings, workshops and the presentation of portfolios. The city will be home to a lively platform for connoisseurs and fans of photography.


The main exhibition open spaces | secret places. Works from the SAMMLUNG VERBUND, Vienna: The increasing spatialization of art goes hand in hand with our lifestyle, which has changed considerably in social and cultural terms as a result of new spatial conditions (virtual space, increased mobility). In the past you asked on the phone: “How are you?”, nowadays you ask: “Where are you?”. The exhibition showcases the works of twenty-eight contemporary artists such as Francis Alÿs, Eleanor Antin, Anthony McCall, Joachim Koester, Louise Lawler and Jeff Wall. Through their photographs and installations, the artists examine our relationship with space and take us through historical locations, emotionally charged spaces, imaginary, real or reconstructed places.


Exhibition Dey your Lane!’ Lagos Variations: Dey your Lane!’  is a typical Lagos expression for ‘mind your own business’. When you realise that Lagos is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, with a population of over 18 million, you can imagine this phrase comes in handy. With photography, video and soundscapes, the exhibition depicts the individualistic and creative dynamic generated by the huge city. See how the inhabitants of this megalopolis appropriate the public space and make their personal and collective ambitions come true. This exhibition is accompanied by a great selection of Nigerian cinema, literature and contemporary dance.


After Scale Model: Dwelling in the Work of James Casebere: Following a major retrospective at the Haus der Kunst in Munich, BOZAR opens its doors to James Casebere. This American photographer studied with John Baldessari and obtained his Master of Arts from the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). His work is marked by a profound interest in architecture. Yet rather than focusing his lens on the actual buildings, he makes scale models of them, which he then photographs. During the International Biennial of Photography Casebere presents an intricate ensemble of domestic interiors and settings in the antechambers of Victor Horta’s Centre for Fine Arts. Three rather disconcerting works mark the historical link between the artist, Brussels and Belgium: Screw Device (1991), Cell with Rubble (1996) and Turning Hallway (2003).