A Gender Lens on Poverty

Gender inequality remains one of the most pressing issues that most societies face and attempt to resolve. The question of gender inequality, however, cannot be addressed in isolation. Such matters are intertwined with numerous other factors, including financial deprivation, as highlighted in the priority theme of the 68th meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68), taking place 11-22 March 2024.  

An EESC delegation will participate in this historical conference in New York, in line with the activity of the EESC Ad Hoc Group on Equality and the preparation by the Committee of several opinions focusing on the economic and social impact of gender gaps and inequality. Ahead of the CSW68 and in celebration of International Women’s Day, the Ad Hoc Group on Equality is organising the conference "A Gender Lens on Poverty" on the 8th of March. The aim of the event is to bring to the fore the current political and socioeconomic developments in issues of gender inequality with the participation of renowned experts from institutions of the European Union and non-governmental organisations.  

The conference is organised into three subsequent sessions. The first session will treat gender, poverty and EU elections. The second presentation will focus on the European Union’s outlook on the 68th meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. In the third session, the speakers will discuss the stakeholders’ view on the gender dimension of poverty.  

The event will be web streamed and interpreted into EN and FR.