Programme - Day of the Liberal Professions 2019


9 a.m. Registration 

9.30 a.m. Opening of the meeting 

9.40 a.m. Preliminary introduction

  • Rudolf Kolbe, co-spokesperson of the liberal professions category 

9.50 a.m. Key-note speech - Artificial Intelligence, the liberal professions and the law: Introduction with a special focus on the professions of doctors 

  • Karl Stöger, Professor at the Institute for Public Law and Political Science at the University of Graz 

10.10 a.m. Panel 1 - Consumer protection, healthcare and digital health 

Can artificial intelligence (AI) endanger patients and clients' rights and how can they be guaranteed now? What changes are needed, taking into consideration the latest technological and societal changes? How to address them? How to communicate them to make sure consumers trust professionals and are aware of the "risks" linked to services provided via alternative systems? What are the consequences in terms of the final responsibility of liberal professions (LP)? The future of digital health protection.

  • Bernd Zimmer, President of the Liberal Professions Association in Nordrhein-Westfalen - Vice-president of the North Rhine Medical Association 
  • Francesco Riva, Director of the Complex Operating Unit, Dental Surgery - Policlinico Umberto I Eastman Roma
  • Attila Horváth-Sziklai, Director of the Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacists
  • Gianmario Gazzi, President of the Italian National Council of Social Workers
  • Jelena Malinina, Digital health expert at BEUC - The European Consumer Organisation 
  • Debate 

11.30 a.m. Panel 2 - Skills and training 

  • Chair: Carlos Ramos, member of the liberal professions category 

How will AI challenge the LP and how are they actually coping with the ongoing and future changes? What are the additional requirements and challenges regarding the ethical basics for LP? How to make sure that the LP adapt adequately not only in skills and training but also for their role and function in the economy and society generally speaking? How to ensure transparency and communication towards clients and patients? Is there a role for the LP in seeking proper training in AI, and final assessment of compliance with the current legislation regarding its use and the consequent decisions? Will the LP play an important role in the development of the economic and social value of data management, also through AI?

  • Arlindo Oliveira, Full Professor and President of the Instituto Superior Técnico  
  • Victoria Ortega, President of the Unión Profesional, Vice-President of the European Council of the Liberal Professions
  • Giovanni Marcantonio, National Councillor of the Italian National Council of Labour Consultants
  • Giuseppe DefeudisMD, Phd - Unit of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Department of Medicine, University Campus Bio-Medico, Rome
  • Marina  Chiarelli, Phd University L'Aquila
  • Debate 

1 p.m. Lunch break 

2.30 p.m. Panel 3 - Regulation 

Reflexions on the current state of play of regulation and self-regulation systems vis-à-vis the considerations that may be drawn from the two points above. Are regulators aware of the challenges brought on by the possibilities of AI? How are they acting upon them? How to make sure there is mutual understanding and trust? Importance of achieving formal recognition of a common definition of the LP within the legal framework at European level. Is there a risk that AI will cause the outsourcing of trust and the inability to protect the general public interest? Will widespread use of AI affect the quality of professional services? Should the digitalisation process through AI involve the relationship between LP and the public administration? 

  • Klaus Thürriedl, President of the European Council of Engineers Chambers and practicing Chartered Engineering Consultant for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management
  • Gaetano Stella, President of the European Council of the Liberal Professions
  • Martin Harris Hess, Policy and Legal Officer - DG GROW.E3, Digitalisation of the Single Market Artificial Intelligence
  • Giuseppe Colavitti, Professor L.U.I.S.S. University of Rome and University of L'Aquila
  • Debate 

4 p.m. Final remarks


Programme - Day of the Liberal Professions 2019
Programme - Journée des professions libérales 2019

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