Table 1: Why favourable conditions for European businesses are good for all citizens

Main conclusions

  • Society faces major challenges and the Sustainable Development Goals must be present at all levels of decision
  • Investment in innovation, including social and societal innovation, is key to achieving sustainable European economic growth and competitiveness in order to address current major challenges faced by society.
  • The digital transition requires further development of connectivity, while ensuring a high level of protection for citizens
  • Proper skills, training and education are absolutely crucial to prepare our workers and businesses to today's and future challenges.
  • Political, social and legal stability and predictability are crucial for businesses and for citizens
  • Businesses also evolve and making business today requires full consideration of social and environmental challenges

Chair: Thomas Wagnsonner (EESC member)
Rapporteur: Tellervo Kylä-Harakka-Ruonala (EESC member)