3rd meeting of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform

The 3rd meeting of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform will take place on 8-9 November 2016 in Kyiv. During the meeting, a debate will be held assessing the state of play in the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, and two reports, prepared by both sides, will be discussed and adopted – on labour market regulation with a focus on the adaptation of Ukrainian labour legislation to the EU legislation, and on anti-discrimination legislation and practice with regard to the rights of vulnerable groups in the context of the Association Agreement. A Joint Declaration will beadopted at the end of the meeting to be forwarded to the EU-Ukraine Association Council, the Association Committee, the Parliamentary Association Committee and other relevant bodies both in Ukraine as well as in the EU.

The EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform, established in April 2015, complements the political bodies existing within the framework of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. It allows civil society organisations from both sides to monitor the implementation process from the point of view of civil society, and prepare its recommendations to the relevant authorities.

The Platform has 15 members on both sides. On the EU side, it comprises 9 EESC members and 6 permanent observers from European civil society networks (Eurochambres, BusinessEurope, ETUC, Copa-Cogeca, Cooperatives Europe, EaP Civil Society Forum).