3rd Joint meeting between the EESC and the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum

Wednesday 23 November 2016, Versailles, Town Hall


« Migration policies and the situation of civil society in the EU and in Russia »




Opening Session




  • Mr François de Mazières, Mayor of Versailles and member of Parliament
  • Ms Dilyana Slavova, President of the External Relations Section, EESC
  • Ms Anna Sevortian, Director of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum












Session 1: The situation of civil society in Russia and in the EU

This session will address issues such as big trends in civil society throughout the EU and Russia: preliminary results of the CSF research in this field,Russian civil society in 2016: voices of Russian activists and experts, and challenges faced by civil society in the EU: voices of European activists and experts


Chair:     Mr Cristian Pirvulescu, EESC member



  • Mr Jordi Garcia Martinez, Russia Division, European External Action Service (EEAS)
  • Ms Elena Belokurova, Scientific Editor of a CSF publication on the state of civil society in the EU and in Russia
  • Mrs Mall Hellam, Executive Director of the Open Estonia Foundation, and EESC alternate member
  • Mr Mihai Manoliu, President of the National Confederation of Romanian Employers (CNPR) and professor at the University Politehnica of Bucharest, EESC member




Coffee break




Session 2: Migration – recent developments and policy responses

This session will look into the political and societal consequences of the arrival refugees and migrants in the EU countries and in Russia. The speakers will address policy responses at EU and at national level, designed to deal with the new reality and give their account of the most pressing issues to solve in the near future.


Chair:     Mr Stéphane Buffetaut, Former Vice-mayor of Versailles



  • Mr Amar Nafa, Director of Génériques
  • Mr Ralph du Long, Spokesperson of UNITED
  • Mr José Antonio Moreno Díaz, Lawyer – Legal Advisor on Immigration, Asylum and Integration Issues, EESC member
  • Mr Konstantin Troitsky, Civic Assistance Committee



Buffet lunch











Session 3: Migration – the question of integration

This session addresses the following questions:

  • Socio-economic, labour and societal aspects of integration in Russia and in the EU at the municipal level;
  • The greatest challenges and examples of good integration practices developed at municipal level regarding adaptation and integration
  • How can municipalities and NGOs act together to address the challenges of integration?
  • Where does integration start – and where does it end?


Chair:   Mr Yuri Dzhibladze, Steering Committee member, EU-Russia Cicil Society Forum, Center fo the Development of Democracy and Human Rights



  • Ms Antonella Valmorbida, Secretary General of the European Association of Local Democracy (ALDA),
  • Monseigneur Eric Aumônier, Bishop of Versailles
  • Ms Anikó Bakonyi, expert, Hungarian Helsinki Committee
  • Ms Natalia Yudina, analyst, SOVA Center fo Information and Analysis
  • Mr Berend Jonker, International project manager, Refugee Council, the Netherlands



Adoption of joint conclusions


Co-chairs:      Ms Anna Sevortian, Director of the Russia Civil Society Forum

Mr Markus Penttinen, President of the Russia Follow-up Committee, EESC





Interpretation from English, French, and Russian into English, French and Russian


Contact information:

EU-Russia Civil Society Forum: Ms Polina Bagairova, , Project Manager, polina.bagairova@eu-russia-csf.org

EESC: Ms Else Boonstra, Administrator for Russia, else.boonstra@eesc.europa.eu