3rd DAG-to-DAG meeting under the EU-Vietnam FTA

The 3rd meeting of the EU and the Vietnam Domestic Advisory Groups (DAGs), "DAG-to-DAG meeting", established under the Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) chapter of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, took place on 27-28 November 2023. The event will start with a workshop on Improving workers' rights and access to remedy and grievance mechanisms, and the agenda of the meeting itself included discussions on due diligence, on the situation for small coffee producers and farmers in Vietnam, on the implementation of the Vietnamese Work Plan on Labour Rights and the state of play of the ratification of ILO fundamental conventions by the EU member states and Vietnam, on the right to association as an essential element of chapter 13, and on aquaculture welfare and responsible and sustainable fisheries.

A joint statement, prepared by both sides, was discussed and adopted.

The DAG members also met on 29 November at the Joint Forum on Trade and Sustainable Development, which was open to civil society organisations from both sides.

Mr Stuart Newman, Chair of the EU DAG under the EU-VietNam Free Trade Agreement

Ms Thi Bich Hop Vu, Chair of the VietNam DAG under the EU-VietNam Free Trade Agreement