1st DAG-to-DAG meeting under the EU-Vietnam FTA

The EU and the Vietnam Domestic Advisory Groups (DAGs), established under the Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) chapter of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement met in a so called DAG-to-DAG meeting on 9 November 2021.

DAG-to-DAG meetings allow for civil society organisations, members of the DAGs, involved on a regular basis in the monitoring exercises of the TSD chapter, to come together and exchange views on implementation issues. In this 1st DAG-to-DAG meeting under the EU‑Vietnam FTA, besides the preparations for the First EU-Vietnam Joint Forum with Civil Society of 12 November, which was opened to broader civil society participation, the members most importantly got to know each other and exchanged views on the work programme of the first mandate and considered possible common topics for future work.

At the occasion of the DAG-to-DAG meeting, a workshop was organized on the Greening of the economy and its impact on trade relations, followed by discussions.