Reinventing prosperity. An intergenerational dialogue for wellbeing economy 

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Draft Agenda

15:45-15:50: Welcome and introduction by Maria Nikolopoulou, EESC member

15:50-16:00: Setting the scene by Generation Climate Europe based on their latest report “Reinventing Prosperity. Youth Visions for a New Economy”

16:00-16:40: Panel discussion on reinventing prosperity and developing a new economic system, specifically the challenges of the transition and they ways forward on how businesses can deliver wellbeing and prosperity for all within planetary boundaries:

  • Alexandrina Robu, Vice-President, JEUNE 
  • Beth Thoren, director of environmental action, Patagonia 
  • Audrey Barroux, volunteer, Beescoop 
  • Jan Willem Goudriaan, General Secretary, EPSU   

16:40-17:10: Discussion with the audience

17:10-17:15: Closing remarks by Michaela Karamperi, Generation Climate Europe

Concept Note

The multiple interconnected global crises that are shaking the world are set to be a particular burden on young people and future generations. Young people are very concerned about the current crises, such as climate change and biodiversity loss, social and economic inequalities, and increasing polarisation, and they point to the inherent flaws of our current growth-based system as the foundational problem driving these crises. 

Generation Climate Europe's report Reinventing Prosperity. Youth Vision for a New Economy shows that more youth voices are emerging, calling for a shift away from the growth-centric model, and that they have specific ideas on what a new system could look like. In their envisioned alternative systems, young people prioritise essential services such as education, healthcare, housing, and basic income. They imagine a society that values collective wellbeing over individual gain, and where competitiveness is guided by principles such as care, justice, and equity rather than profit maximisation and economic growth. 

However, young people today still feel marginalised in political decision-making, and youth voices are often absent from decision-making processes.  

With a view to the upcoming European elections, and as a follow-up to the Beyond Growth 2023 Conference, the workshop will create a space for a multi-stakeholder dialogue where young people, businesses and trade unions come together to exchange perspectives on reinventing prosperity and developing a new economic system. In particular, it will discuss the challenges of transition and how businesses can deliver wellbeing and prosperity within planetary boundaries.

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