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Which world do we want after COVID-19? Making Europe safe, based on a vision deeply rooted in the European tradition of "caring." Is this the route to a possible new rEUnaissance?


La quinta reunión del Comité Consultivo Conjunto (JCC) de la Sociedad Civil UE-Chile, establecida por el Acuerdo de Asociación UE-Chile se celebró a través de una video conferencia el 15 de mayo de 2020.

La reunión abordo temas de interés para ambas partes, como el impacto de la crisis COVID-19 en la cooperación, el comercio y la inversión, el trabajo decente y la economía informal y la Agenda para el Desarrollo Sostenible; así como propuestas para fortalecer el papel del Comité Consultivo Conjunto. Los miembros adoptaron una Declaración Final sobre estos temas.


In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, what is the EU's role in relation to its sister continent Africa? The President of the European Economic and Social Committee Luca Jahier held a webinar on Wednesday 29th April to discuss the impact of COVID-19 to the new EU-Africa Strategy and the latest developments at EU and African level on COVID-19 ongoing crisis.

White paper on artificial intelligence - What civil society has to say?

The European Economic and Social Committee is organising the Second edition of the AI Europe stakeholder Summit entitled: White paper on artificial intelligence - What civil society has to say? The Summit will focus particularly on two topics: 1) Use of AI in the workplace and 2) AI-driven biometric recognition systems (including facial recognition).

Building a sustainable future for European citizens?

At a time when citizens are demanding broader involvement in shaping European policies, the EESC Civil Society Days are intended to be a public forum to connect European citizens, civil society organisations and European institutions for a debate about the defining task of our times and the most pressing challenge for Europe, namely "keeping our planet and people healthy". In other words, putting the European economy and society as well as the planet on a more sustainable path.


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