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La política comercial en tiempos excepcionales: esta semana, las negociaciones sobre la actualización de los aspectos comerciales del Acuerdo de Asociación UE-Chile se celebran a distancia. En vísperas de esta ronda, el Comité Consultivo Conjunto UE-Chile (CCC) adoptó una declaración conjunta sobre las consecuencias de la pandemia de COVID-19. Los miembros del CCC señalaron el peligro de un aumento de la desigualdad social y apoyaron la cooperación bilateral y multilateral como la mejor manera de abordar la crisis.


The EESC congratulates the Commission on its proposal for a transitional regulation to support European farmers, and the positive outcome of the vote in the European Parliament Comagri Committee, which will ensure a smooth transition from the current (2014-2020) to the next (2021-2027) CAP period.

The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) reform should be adopted by October 2020, but the negotiations for the next programming period are far behind schedule, situation even more aggravated by the coronavirus crisis.


The partnership with Africa was clearly highlighted by the EU institutions as one of the main priorities for the coming years, but the COVID-19 pandemic might threaten closer cooperation. This was the topic of a webinar organised on 29 April by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), where participants agreed that consolidation of supply chains and an agreement to ease the external debt burden of African countries were key issues.