Retail action plan

EESC opinion: Retail action plan

Key points:


  • supports the holistic approach taken by the action plan;
  • considers that some actions may not be implemented or completely feasible because they do not take account of the impact of the economic crisis on the sector, particularly in the countries hardest hit by austerity measures;
  • recommends that, when implementing the plan, the diversity of forms that SMEs and microenterprises often take should be taken into account;
  • asks that businesses be encouraged to integrate online and offline trade, with a view to overcoming problems related to opening hours and days when shops are closed;
  • endorses the Commission's move to initiate dialogue with all stakeholders to define effective measures at EU level to combat the informal economy and undeclared work. It hopes that the Member States will bring strong political will to bear which the Commission will be able to coordinate via an enhanced partnership.

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