Harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products

EESC opinion: Harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products

Key points


  • considers that the proposal of the Regulation needs to be significantly revised if it is to achieve its main objectives.
  • believes that the transition period proposed in the Regulation is too long. Moreover, EC does not offer any short-term solutions to resolve the current delay in the publication of new standards in the Official Journal.
  • notes with concern that EC returns to the centralised approach of standardisation, which excludes smaller members of the industry.
  • aims to take the construction industry's approach of standardisation and free movement of construction products as its core value, as it should be an industry-driven, bottom-up process in which all stakeholders work together cooperatively and flexibly to have up-to-date standards.
  • believes that the CPR must include clear and proportionate provisions for reused or remanufactured products.
  • agrees with EC proposal as regards the additional criteria to the functional and safety requirements for construction products, which reinforces the evidence of the positive impact of good management of health and safety at work.