EESC opinion: Promoting young people's full participation in education, employment and society

Key points

The EESC agrees with the need to prepare a truly European transversal child and youth strategy and is ready to contribute to this process with its modest means.

The youth strategy should be facilitated through a permanent structure within the Commission (coordinating the work of various DGs involved) or an interinstitutional group and should be based on setting up of a monitoring mechanism with clear targets and deadlines.

The EESC urges Member States and European institutions to take the necessary steps to reduce youth unemployment in Europe.

The EESC urges that the situation of young people in rural areas and poor urban areas be given greater consideration.

The EESC recommends that the Commission continues to work on the recognition of voluntary youth work.

The EESC repeats its main points on the subject of voluntary activities of young people, mainly that the Commission should announce a Year of Volunteers and publish a White Paper on voluntary activity. Awareness should be raised on the contribution of youth work to the development of young people and the skills, values and attitudes gained through active involvement in youth organisations and youth work activities.

The EESC supports the development of structured dialogue between decision-makers and young people.