Developing the EU customs union and its governance (Communication)

Key points


  • agrees with the Commission's proposal to develop the governance of the customs union, but believes that establishing it in a comprehensive way requires multilevel reform and resolute action on the technical front;
  • considers that a switch to automated central clearance is needed, in order to facilitate the coordination of measures to prevent and suppress criminal activity and protect the EU's financial interests, so that the rights, interests and safety of businesses and European consumers are protected;
  • calls for the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO), which would make a positive contribution to that end;
  • considers that the functioning of the decentralised operating model needs to be strengthened by means of administrative cooperation, with central coordination by a support body or organisation under the guidance of the Commission and with the involvement of the Customs Policy Group, in order to assist with implementation issues concerning the Union Customs Code.

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