Communication on better regulation

EESC opinion: Communication on better regulation


  • welcomes that better regulation remains a priority for the new Commission;
  • calls on the Commission and the EU legislators to consistently deepen and advance the EU better regulation system in all its aspects and systematically use the tools and guidelines for better regulation in their work;
  • underlines that better regulation is an essential component of good governance and law-making; it can help to ensure transparent, accountable and participative policy-making processes that deliver rules that are evidence-based, independently scrutinised, simple, clear, coherent, effective, sustainable, fit-for-purpose, proportionate, future-proof and easily implementable;
  • stresses that the better regulation instruments must remain policy-neutral and clearly separated from political decision making; economic, environmental and social aspects of Union legislation should always be considered on an equal footing while relying on both quantitative and qualitative analysis for assessing their impacts;
  • underlines that better regulation can help create the best possible regulatory frameworks for citizens, workers, businesses and public administrations;
  • stresses that better regulation should contribute to completing the single market in all areas, improve its functioning and strengthen its resilience and competitiveness, enable research and innovation, spur sustainable growth and the creation of high-quality jobs, support the green and digital transition, and strengthen its social dimension and the social market economy;
  • encourages the Commission to continue to promote the principles and tools of better regulation across all its services, inter alia through regular staff training at all levels to ensure awareness of and compliance with those principles and tools.