Review of the "Small Business Act"

EESC opinion: Review of the "Small Business Act"

Key points:

The EESC calls on the European institutions, Member States and regions to place the "think small first" principle at the heart of European, national and regional decision-making. The Committee also believes that the SBA should take a more binding form, especially for the EU institutions.

The EESC welcomes the proposals to create an "SME competitiveness" programme and include measures for SMEs in the most important post-2013 programmes. It calls on the EU institutions to adopt the programme, and to target small and microenterprises specifically and to secure the human and financial resources required.

The EESC is of the view that the SBA will not succeed unless a genuine "multi-stakeholder and multilevel governance partnership" is established. The EESC therefore calls for organisations representing the different categories of SMEs to be fully involved in the legislative and decision making process at all levels.

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