European standardisation 2016

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Dictamen del CESE: European standardisation 2016

Key points


  • invites the European standardisation organisations to grant ANEC, ECOS, the ETUC and SBS specific member/partner status, with specific rights and obligations;
  • proposes establishing at national level free access to "mirror committees" for SMEs and societal stakeholders and their respective representative associations;
  • commends the contribution of the “New Approach Consultants” to the assessment of standards’ compliance with EU policies and welcomes the intention expressed by the Commission to ensure the continuation of their work in the long term;
  • undertakes to perform close monitoring of the efforts of the key standardisation players; to this end, the EESC could set up an ad hoc forum on the inclusiveness of the European standardisation system, which would be responsible for holding an annual public hearing to assess progress made in this regard.


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