Communication on the global approach to research, innovation, education and youth

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  • welcomes the EU's commitment to lead and to preserve openness in international research and innovation cooperation, while promoting a level playing field and reciprocity underpinned by fundamental values.
  • deems it necessary to better involve civil society organisations in supporting EU institutions and Member States in developing extraordinary policies and special programmes (careers mobility, attracting/retaining researchers, and applied research and innovation results for the entrepreneurship culture of EU SMEs) capable of collecting EU value added that can in turn feed an ambitious European Research Area for the next decade.
  • would like to point out the importance of strengthening the EU's leading role in supporting multilateral research and innovation partnerships to deliver new solutions to green, digital, health, social and innovation challenges, taking into consideration the current impact of COVID-19 on European health systems, societies, business communities and the wider global economy.

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