EESC Liaison Group Newsletter April 2023

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Dear Members of the Liaison Group, 

I am honoured to address you as the newly elected President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), and extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you.   

I take on this role aware of the responsibility and the challenging times that lie ahead. As Europe is navigating through the aftermath of the pandemic, grappling with the war of aggression in Ukraine, and preparing for the 2024 European elections, I commit to promoting democracy, fundamental rights and the rule of law as guiding principles throughout my mandate. I laid out my priorities for the presidency in my political manifesto.  

Democracy is a cornerstone of the European Union, and the EESC plays a vital role in promoting participatory democracy. In the run-up to 2024 European elections, I see the EESC taking on an a more active role to engage with voters and increase their participation.  

The EESC is a vocal champion for civil society. It is the platform for civil society to engage with European institutions, and I am determined to further strengthen this role. Civil society organisations play a crucial role in shaping policies that affect our communities, and their voices must be heard loud and clear.  

In this respect, I propose to further open our Committee to civil society organisations, whether represented in the EESC or not, and for this the Liaison Group will play a key role. 

I will strive to make the EESC a place where EU citizens, in particular the youth, can freely express their concerns, ideas, and opinion, and where their contributions are valued and acted upon.