1. Adoption of the draft agenda
  2. Adoption of the minutes of the 10th EU DAG meeting held on 24 February 2016
  3. (tbc) Discussion with the European Parliament's representative about the EP mission to Korea in May 2016, as well as the EP resolution on the EU-Korea FTA implementation
  4. Information from the European Commission on:
  • implementation of the EU-Korea FTA and proposals for amendments;
  • ex-post evaluation of the EU-Korea FTA;
  • preparation for the meetings with Korea to be held in Brussels in 2016;
  • EU-Korea joint projects;
  • labour standards in the context of the TSD chapter implementation.
  1. EU DAG preparatory discussion for the EU-Korea Civil Society Forum and the accompanying workshop, both to be held in Brussels in 2016
  2. Date of the next EU DAG meeting, any other business


EU DAG Agenda under the EU-Korea FTA