• 22/03/2021
    Follow the 559th Plenary session!
  • 22/03/2021
    In this March issue: – Debate on the European Disability Rights Strategy with Helena Dalli, European Commissioner for Equality – Debate with Olivér Várhelyi, European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, on Enhancing the accession process - A credible EU perspective for the Western Balkans (linked to REX/533) – Debate with Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for An Economy that Works for People
  • 23/02/2021
    In this edition: • Debate on the Conference on the Future of Europe with Dubravka Šuica, Vice-President of the European Commission for Democracy and Demography • Resolution on the Involvement of Organised Civil Society in the National Recovery and Resilience Plans – What works and what does not? – followed by a debate with Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Budget and Administration • Award ceremony for the EESC Civil Solidarity Prize: Civil society against COVID-19
  • 26/01/2021
    EESC Information Newsletter - January 2021 - 01/21
  • 30/11/2020
    EESC Information letter - December 2020 - 12
  • 28/10/2020
    United for the future of Europe: the new president is determined to rebuild the EESC's unity and reputation and demonstrate its added value in influencing policy shaping at EU level!
  • 21/10/2020
    EESC Newsletter - October 2020 (edition: renewal)
  • 07/09/2020
    The challenges of contemporary participatory democracy in a Europe that is rebuilding itself: an initial contribution from the Economic and Social Councils and similar institutions to the Conference on the Future of Europe.​​​​​​​
  • 559th Plenary session
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  • EESC elects Austria's Christa Schweng to its top post
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