Liaison Group

In February 2004, the EESC adopted several important proposals for stronger and more structured cooperation with European civil society organisations and networks. The Committee decided to set up a Liaison Group to interact with these organisations and networks and designed to be both a liaison body and a structure for political dialogue.

The Liaison Group ensures that the EESC has a coordinated approach towards these organisations and networks, as well as monitoring joint initiatives.

Its setting up is in line with the initiatives taken by the Committee over recent years with the aim of strengthening cooperation with European civil society organisations and therefore, bolstering its role in future as chosen intermediary between the EU institutions and organised civil society.  The new Co-chair representing European civil society organisations and network is Mr. Conny Reuter, whilst Mr. Malosse is the Co-chair representing the Committee.

For more information, Mr Pierluigi Brombo is at your disposal:
Tel.: +32 2 546.97.18
Fax: +32 2 546.94.69
E-mail: Pierluigi Brombo

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  • Issue Date: September 2014
    New Start or Kick-Start

    For nearly 10 years, European civil society organisations have been contributing to the work of the EESC through the Liaison Group and directly with EESC groups, sections and members, in consultations, hearings and events. As the Liaison Group is the only institutional link which we, European civil society organisations, have with the European institutions, it is of particular importance to us. ...

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News & Meetings

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  • 24 Sep 2014 "Volunteering in European Welfare and Social Services" (VIEWSS) - Turin, Italy, 2-3 October 2014

    In order to present at the International Conference “Participatory local welfare, citizenship and third sector organizations“, in Pisa (Italy) in January 2013, that was supported by several of our Italian member organisations, (CEV) carried out the study “The changing perspectives, in the context of the economic crisis and consequential austerity measures, on the role of volunteer organizations in the delivery of welfare services”. The aim was to analyse whether volunteering is being instrumentalised for the delivery of welfare services[1] as austerity measures[2] intensify.

  • 26 May 2014 The day after – Winners and losers / article by Mr. Conny Reuter on the EP elections

    The European elections that ended yesterday have not yet produced a clear winner, but are already teaching us some lessons:

  • 20 May 2014 3 June 2014 - EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference, Brussels

    2014 is a turning point for European cooperation in education and training “ET2020”. It is the moment to take stock of more than a decade of community action in the field, but also to make concrete proposals for improving both the priorities and the working methods. 

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