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In February 2004, the EESC adopted several important proposals for stronger and more structured cooperation with European civil society organisations and networks. The Committee decided to set up a Liaison Group to interact with these organisations and networks and designed to be both a liaison body and a structure for political dialogue.

The Liaison Group ensures that the EESC has a coordinated approach towards these organisations and networks, as well as monitoring joint initiatives.

Its setting up is in line with the initiatives taken by the Committee over recent years with the aim of strengthening cooperation with European civil society organisations and therefore, bolstering its role in future as chosen intermediary between the EU institutions and organised civil society.  The new Co-chair representing European civil society organisations and network is Mr. Conny Reuter, whilst Mr. Dassis is the Co-chair representing the Committee.

For more information, Mr Pierluigi Brombo is at your disposal:
Tel.: +32 2 546.97.18
Fax: +32 2 546.94.69
E-mail: Pierluigi Brombo

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    The Europe we strive for
    Brussels, Belgium

    "The Europe we strive for" will be organised civil society's call for a new political impulse to relaunch the EU on the basis of our values and roots.

    It will focus on four themes:

    - Populism, and how to develop a counter-narrative through education and culture;

    - Technological revolution: transforming work, minds and society;

    - Empowerment of civil society organisations, rights and the shrinking space for civil society;

    - Urban and rural dimensions, moving towards more social and territorial cohesion.


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    Living together in our Europe
    Brussels, Belgium

    The Civil Society Days are a symbol of the cooperation between the EESC and the members of the Liaison Group representing European civil society organisations and networks.

    This year, it will focus on migration and on how Europe can be made more open and adapt to what needs to be seen as a structural change.

    In a time in which news relate daily crisis and problems to which we are obviously not prepared, it is clear that Europe must move from management by crisis to management by foresight and anticipation. Europe must cast on this phenomena and problems a wider and deeper vision, based on an open debate and a reflexion rooted in our common values and capable of frankly coping with the problems that our societies face.

  • Civil dialogue: a tool for better legislation in the general interest
    Conference - EESC, 99 rue Belliard, Brussels, Belgium

    The 2015 edition of the Civil Society Day, entitled "Civil dialogue: a tool for better legislation in the general interest" will try to set up principles and guidelines for a permanent and structured civil dialogue at European level. The works of the conference will be based on the Road Map that was adopted at the NGO Forum in Riga in March 2015 and will focus on how to implement it through specific actions.

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