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Taking action on long-term unemployment: national and European perspectives

Labour Market Observatory conference Conference - Florijana Andrašeca 18A/VI, Zagreb, Croatia

This event was dedicated to tackling long-term unemployment, one of the most urgent challenges that Europe faces today. The aim was to look into what good practices are already in place and what further measures are necessary to tackle this problem and to provide opportunities for those most at risk of social exclusion. The presentations and discussions focused on the situation at both EU and national level.

The event took place at a crucial moment, when the European Commission was preparing a proposal for a Council Recommendation on the integration into the labour market of the long-term unemployed. The Commission was seeking views and insights from stakeholders and the LMO's debates contributed to the Commission's work on this topic.

High-level speakers included the Croatian Minister for Labour and the Pension System, members of the Croatian Parliament, the European Commission, Eurofound, the President of the Labour and Employment Section of the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council, the University of Exeter’s Marchmont Observatory (UK), the European Network of Public Employment Services, social partners and civil society.