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Fourth industrial revolution: An opportunity for EU to take the lead

Conference - Brussels, Belgium

Fast expanding business services are already dominant in manufacturing and in support of manufacturing. A wide and growing range of companies – both manufacturing and service – is now involved in designing and delivering new generations of business services. New technologies make services still more relevant to manufacturing. The EESC has recently published an own-initiative opinion on the impact of business services in industry.

However, beyond the "servitization" of industry, a new paradigm is emerging: the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services currently known in Europe as the Fourth industrial revolution, a dawn of a new era following that of automation.

A quantum jump results from a vertical and horizontal cooperation from machine to internet, machine to human, and machine to machine along the value chain in real time. Islands of automation will get interconnected in innumerable networks and variations. Software and networks will connect intelligent products, digital services, and customers to the new innovative ‘products’ of the future.