The protest movement of Maidan in Kiev at the EESC

24 Jan 2014

H. Malosse & Ruslana Lyzhychko

Ruslana Lyzhychko, the face of the Maidan protests in Kiev, was invited to the EESC plenary with Oleksiy Honcharuk, a spokesman for the movement. While the right to demonstrate has been restricted in recent days by the Ukrainian Parliament, the EESC is strengthening its support to the Ukrainian civil society.

In December, an EESC delegation led by its president, Henri Malosse, traveled to Kiev to meet with those protesting against the postponement of the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union and to understand their expectations. The EESC plenary session thus became an opportunity to bring the voice of the Ukrainian people to Brussels. "This is the civil society which is in the street today", declared Henri Malosse. "This mobilization of the Ukrainian people is crucial and historic. Europe must not miss this appointment. "

For the EESC, which adopted a resolution on the topic, the fact the Ukrainian Parliament has restricted the framework of the right to protest is a worrying sign while the protest has lasted for several months. Right now, it is essential that the EU formally commits to opposing any repression that may be led against this movement.

You can see the short film (02:32) below:
You can watch the recording (24 min.) of the whole Plenary here: