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  • 26 Jul 2014
    Final day in Morocco - high-level meetings

    On 25 July, the president, Mr Malosse, met André Azoulay, president of the Anna Lindh Foundation and senior adviser to His Majesty Mohammed VI...

  • 25 Jul 2014
    President Malosse at the Moroccan CESE On the second day of the official mission to Rabat President Malosse and Mr Pedro Narro held a morning briefing with Mr Nizar Baraka,President of the CES of the Moroccon Kingdom...
  • 24 Jul 2014
    The EESC in Morocco to support the voice of Moroccan civil society

    Having just arrived in Rabat, the EESC President Henri Malosse and Pedro Narro, the President of the EESC's Euromed Follow-up Committee, met the Deputy Representative of the EU's delegation to Morocco, Raul de Luzenberger, to discuss the social and political situation in the...

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  • 9 Jul 2014 - 10 Jul 2014 EESC's 500th Plenary Session - Charlemagne building, room S3
  • 28 Jun 2014 12 Hours for Greece - halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels
  • 24 May 2014 Visit to memorial to a former internment camp of gypsies during World War II and to the Monument of the Sioux. Attendance at the Pilgrimage, ceremony and procession of Saint Sara.
  • 21 May 2014 Meeting with Pascal Labet, Committee Director of the Confederation of Small Businesses – Paris
  • 19 May 2014 Meeting with the members of the Institute of Advanced Studies Social Protection (IHEPS) – Brussels
  • 17 May 2014 Meeting with Konstantinos Mavroskotis, President of EO Greece. Conference of the European Association of Friends of Robert Schuman - Athens
  • 16 May 2014 Speech at the University of Athens – Athens