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Your Europe, Your Say 2012!

It’s Your Europe, have Your Say today! Conference - Brussels, Belgium

Anna Maria DarmaninIt’s Your Europe, have Your Say today!
The event "Your Europe, Your Say!" event took place on 26-28 April 2012. This year again, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) invited school pupils and teachers from all over Europe to join them in Brussels.

Selection of the lucky participants took place in early December. EESC members Roman Haken, David Sears and I drew the names at random, from among the 933 applicants. The 27 chosen schools (one per country from every Member State of the EU) were invited to send three pupils and one teacher to take part in a simulated plenary session of the Committee, at our Brussels headquarters. They got the opportunity not only to have their voices heard at the heart of Europe, but also to discover friends and allies among their counterparts in every EU country.

The event itself is just one part of the programme. Between January and March 2012, EESC members in every country made personal visits to these schools, to explain more about the European Union and the Committee itself, and encourage the involvement of a large number of students.

Furthermore, two other schools in each country were put on a reserve list, in case any candidate pulls out, and they too received a visit from one of their national EESC members before the end of the 2011-2012 school year.

Via the EESC website (http://eesc.europa.eu/YourEuropeYourSay2012) you can find all the information concerning the event, as well as the working documents. Participants had to discuss these documents in class and send their amendments for debate.

But we want to hear from as many of you as possible, so even if you were not selected to come to Brussels, you can be part of "Your Europe, Your Say!", check out how the plenary session went via our website and Twitter (#youreurope) and get in touch with other students and teachers in other countries via our Facebook page "Your Europe, Your Say" (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Your-Europe-Your-Say/255682697155).


You are an important part of Europe – tell us what you think!


Anna Maria Darmanin, Vice-president of the EESC














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